I’m a breath of fresh air in a fresh pair!!!!!

Posted: December 24, 2008 by teeLARGE in KreativSOLE CLOSET
15am will get you!!

This is what 4:15am will get you!!


12/21/2008 was the release date for these. The Jordan Retro 11/12 Countdown Package. This year Jordan brand did a package release where they put two retro pair of Jordans in the same box and sold them for $310. The cool thing is that the shoes were packaged together to add up to the #23. (11+12, 10+13, 6+17, etc)

I hopped up out the bed (turned my swag on!) at 4am and rushed down to Madison Sq Mall in Huntsville. When the mall doors opened at 5am we all (50+ ppl standing outside the mall)  took off running for our favorite stores. I tried to get to FINISHLINE (shout out to Kelvin, Baby D, and my girl Geezy!!!)but by the time i got there, 2 guys in line who were running like USAIN BOLT! said they already got the 9.5’s.  I knew Finishline only had 2 9.5’s and one of them went to a employee. So i threw the deuces at them and ran down to Hibbett’s and waited in line there. People always forget about Hibbets, they opened at 7:30am and guess who was first!!!!!!!!!!


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