KREATIVsole!!!!!!!……It’s me…..

Posted: December 29, 2008 by teeLARGE in KreativSOLE CLOSET, Random Ish..., TeeLARGE

YO! A few people have hit me up wondering what KS is all about. Basically it’s me….T-LARGE….a 27yr old sneakerhead outta Huntsville, Alabama. This is my blog about my love for sneakers. I don’t collect sneakers..I wear my shit!!!! Collectors stock ’em in the closet and just look at ’em. I aint hating on them but I live for that moment when you out and you see dudes faces frowned up like “damn, what are those??!!”

On KreativSole, You wont find every new pair of kicks thats droppin but what you will find is info on sneakers that I LIKE and my KS FAM is feelin. A long the way on my site you’ll find video’s and random other stuff that I throw up here. It’s my way of expressing and feature myself in this online world. Thats why I named it KREATIVSOLE…..I’m a be myself, be creative and be in some new sole’s!!!

peace fam…T-LARGE


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