I meant to post this early…i’m venting now…….

Posted: January 2, 2009 by teeLARGE in Random Ish...

I had to post this. New Years Eve I was in Madison Square Mall here in Huntsville checking the local spots to see who had what; I breezed thru the foodcourt to Chic-fil-a and guess what I saw!!!! It was a dude probably late 40’s in the blk/cement 4’s and they was ran thru!!! i’m talking bout dirty, dusty, killed……scuffed, jacked the hell up!!!! Aww man i was so mad….i tried to get a pic on the camera phone. Man i would walk barefoot over hotcoals in the middle of a volcano before i let my 4’s get tore up like that…(you get my point!!! 🙂   )

i was so mad i aint even know what to do…i kept lookin around trying to see if the shoe police was gonna come!!!!

  1. raychon says:

    Ha, its just shoes man! what if they were DS and you finally wear them and then crack! you would definitely be pissed.

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