ROLL TIDE…….!!!!!!! Sugar Bowl is about to be on…!! I love college football!!!

Posted: January 2, 2009 by teeLARGE in SPORTS

Here’s something I haven’t talked about on the blog….my love of Crimson Tide football (University of Alabama). I never went to BAMA but my little sis graduated from there in summer of ’08 (hey Traci!). When you live in Alabama you are either a BAMA fan or an auburn fan. You can tell from my capitilization what i think of auburn. ROLL TIDE!!! SABAN-NATION stand up!! 

In about 7 minutes we will be kicking off in the Sugar Bowl vs. Utah (who?)……I’ll continue this post after we whoop them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RTR!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!

  1. Devin Large says:

    Bama all day. auburn? who is auburn? wat is a auburn? lol.. BAMA 4 life.
    That may be the college I attend in fall 09′

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