Flyer than the rest of ’em……WALE’s “Nike Boots”….the KREATIVSOLE song of the week!!!

Posted: January 8, 2009 by teeLARGE in HIP HOP(I used to love HER)

This my joint! WALE (pronounced “wah-lay”)is a rapper/sneakerhead reppin the GO-GO music heavy DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia). You know him from his critically acclaimed mixtape  

“Mixtape About NothingWALE "The Mixtape about nothing" based around the popular sitcom “Seinfeld”.

You also know that he’s tight with the greatest hip-hop band on the planet “The Roots”. WALE was featured on their song “Rising Up ” with songstress Chrissete Michelle. 

WALE is also real heavy in the sneaker game. You can find him in the current issue of SOLECOLLECTOR in a feature he did about his love of the Penny Hardaway’s kicks. (Penny1, Penny2, Foamposites etc). If you listen to WALE’s rhymes he often sneaks in a line or two about a pair of kicks.

WALE is poised to have a strong 2009 and will definitely put DC on the hip-hop map! If you’ve ever been in DC you know how serious people there are about Nike Boots…most notably the GOADOME joints! WALE came with this song as an ode to where he’s from and his promise to put DC on his back.

KREATIVSOLE stand up!!!! Here’s the video to WALE’s song “Nike Boots”:

“Flyer than the rest of ’em”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. nicholsaccomplished says:

    you should check out “hate is new love” that is the first mixtape that i heard. he is definitely eatin cats. crazy!

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