Another reason why Obama is my dude!!!!….He supports a college football playoff system!

Posted: January 9, 2009 by teeLARGE in Random Ish..., SPORTS
President Obama and First Lady Michelle

President Obama and First Lady Michelle

This is just another reason why I like Barack Obama. He is a real guy.  There is alot going on with his transition into the Presidency (Jan. 20th) but when reporters asked him about Florida winning the National Championship last night…here’s what he had to say:

[ Obama, asked what he thought about Florida’s 24-14 victory Thursday night over Oklahoma in the BCS championship game, congratulated the Gators and said he’d sent a message to a friend whose son plays for the team.

At the same time, he said, “If I’m Utah, or if I’m USC or if I’m Texas, I might still have some quibbles.”

Obama said, “That’s why we need a playoff.”   ]  –



Obama doesnt fake it. He didnt get “political”. He kept it straight and said what he thought as a man who loves sports. I like him cause he’s a senator, our next president, and a man! I respect that.  

Now don’t get it twisted, TLARGE is not this overly political dude but I’m a put my 2cents in for KREATIVSOLE. (Anytime you can refer to yourself in 3rd person sounds dope!)

(let the record show that I am not happy about Florida and Tim Te-bone winning the title…they beat Bama in the SEC Championship and 3yrs ago Tim was supposed to sign to play for Bama but he played us and chose Florida at the last minute…)


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