PLAYCLOTHS…Inauguration Tee!!!

Posted: January 16, 2009 by teeLARGE in KreativSOLE CLOSET

Only if you live in the backest backwoods of wherever…with no TV, Internet, or Music, or anything would  you have no idea that my super spittin go-hard brothas from VA…Pusha T and Malice aka “The Clipse” dropped they’re acclaimed clothing line “PLAYCLOTHS” in 4th quarter 2008.  I’ve got a few of the tees/hoodies courtesy of PhatKaps Nashville, StandardAtl and SneakerPolitics in Louisiana, and they are all hot! PLAYCLOTHS dropped this limited edition tee on their website exclusive to online buyers. Get yours today….and make sure you tune in January 20th to hear Obama’s Inauguration speech airing on every channel on tv at 12noon eastern time.

PLAYCLOTHS Inauguration shirts..

PLAYCLOTHS Inauguration Tee..only $32.00 onsale now!!!

 BUY NOW!! Click Here!!!

P.S.    CLIPSE fans get ready….”Till the Casket Drops” coming in 2009!!!!!


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