What are 5 shoes every Sneakerhead must have???…..please post a comment..

Posted: January 16, 2009 by teeLARGE in KreativSOLE CLOSET

ATTENTION ALL SNEAKERHEADS…..it’s official…we are becoming mainstream. Recently there have been tv documentaries and movies about us and it seems like there’s a new magazine/website or blog, including this one:), that comes along everyday. BEFORE our love for sneakers gets absorbed into current culture, lets define a couple must have’s to be called a “sneakerhead”.

Here is MY vote for a few MUST have’s for any serious sneakerhead’s closet…please leave a comment with your list as well.

1. AJ1’s – this is where the love began….

2. AJ3’s – Tinker Hatfield’s first…design has never been the same.

3. Air Max 95’s – sick design + full max air unit = classic max!

4. AF1’s – Low and/or Mids….simple..amazing

5. AJ11…find me someone on earth that doesnt think these are hot!

**These 5 are basic basic basic…there are so many more I want to name but if you dont have any of these in your closet yet…you need to get your weight up!!** You also need some Dunks, and a hoop shoe like Uptempo’s, Flights, FORCE’s, Penny’s etc… some 97 air maxes are in need too! Not too mention a “sneakerhead” always has that one “ooh and aah” shoe. You know, the one that makes people do a double-take when they check out your feet. “ooh, where’d he get those?” OR “Aah man, when those come out?”

I could do this all night!!!  SNEAKERHEADS I love what we do….peace…

  1. Dre2003 says:

    If I had to name top Five picks I would go with first and for most Air Jordan I Black Toe, 2nd Air Jordan III Black Cements, 3rd Air Jordan V Grapes and VI Infrareds, 4th Air Jordan VIII Playoffs, and last but not least Air Jordan XI Concords…

  2. Jamaal says:

    Good list, good blog keep it up. I’m gonna throw one out there that never gets old the air max 90, I keeps a pair in constant rotation.

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