Beyonce..”Diva”……(What you want me to do??!!?? I’m sorry!!)

Posted: January 28, 2009 by teeLARGE in HIP HOP(I used to love HER)

My 2 beautiful daughters…my girl….then B. Beyonce is officially KREATIV.SOLE certified! You ain’t made it till you got the official KS stamp! There really ain’t no word’s, Sure I could have put “single ladies” up on here but that would have been too easy. This song/video is actually sexier (hard to imagine that huh?). But for real, Clothes on.. and she’s Hood! Plus she got on some dope shades from 2029!!!!! Not too mention Bangladesh killed this beat. Tell the truth did he make this beat the day before or the day after he made Wayne’s “a milli”!!!! 

Shout out to all my female hustlas!!! My entreprenurial ladies….speaking of which check out :

Kreashuns Graphics Group

peace ya’ll…….tlarge



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