No posts right now….sorry….i’ll be back…

Posted: February 15, 2009 by teeLARGE in TeeLARGE

YO! Right now I’m back to the drawing board. My focus has been lost on trying to get a store (Kreativ.Sole) here in Huntsville poppin. KREATIV.SOLE always will be a “what coulda been” or an “almost” unless I take this dream outta my head and try my best to make it a reality and share it with the world. So here I am pounding away on my business plan so that I can try to get a small business loan. The timing is right cause of the economic stimulus plan that President Obama is rolling out. A certain $$BILLION$$ dollars is going to bank to charge up the economy and a portion of that is specifically for small businesses. If I time this thing right and I’m on top of my game I should be able to get a small biz grant. Keep me and Kreativ.SOLE in prayer.
Thanks DRE, MT, SHAUN for reinvigorating/pushing me…..KS is coming…

keep checking the posts coming soon…so many world events I need to weigh in on….



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