Reason #4093 of why Obama is MY PRESIDENT!!!…..he’s courtside at an NBA game!!!

Posted: February 28, 2009 by teeLARGE in Politics (we all have an opinion!), Random Ish..., SPORTS
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Yesterday our 44th President sat courtside at a Wizards vs. Bulls NBA game. He was the first President since Clinton to do so. It was a win-win for Obama; he’s a natural Bulls fan (he’s from Chicago) and of course he is now a Wizards fan/DC guy since for at least the next 4 years he will reside in the most famous house in the world. President Obama is just what he said, a regular guy that happens to be the President. I love it!!!! This is why I voted for him. I mean, look at him, no suit, not even a button up shirt. He’s chillin!!! The leader of the free world should be a man of the people. You want your President to connect to the people.




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