This is the AJ Retro 12 year!!!! Here’s another pair!!!…..

Posted: March 2, 2009 by teeLARGE in Uncategorized
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I mean really…is 2009 the year of the AJ Retro 12’s???? Shout out to and NIKETALK for putting us up on the info that this really dope pair of 12’s are coming out again. If you remember correctly, these dropped a few years back as an online JB fanclub exclusive.  They’ll still be exclusive just not  that bad!! Look for these to drop late summer, bu date is confirmed 100% yet.

For those keeping count lets see here. We just had the 11/12 countdown pack in December ’08. We’ve heard remors ov the Blk/Red 12’s, the Wht/Red 12’s, an all white pair of 12’s, this pair and another rumored pair that I’m not even allowed to hint at yet!!! Has anyone told Jordan Brand that we are in the middle of a recession!!!???!!!





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