Can you say 9-5??… as in AIR MAX 95’s!!!!

Posted: March 13, 2009 by teeLARGE in KreativSOLE CLOSET, TALKIN BOUT SNEAKERS!
 Being that I live in the south (Huntsville, AL!!!) I am a lover of Air Maxes. You can’t live in the south and not love maxes. Especially 95’s!!!!!!
Now how "kreative" is this insole!!!

Now how "kreative" is this insole!!!

This summer is gonna be crazy yall. Get your money ready cause you know 95’s go for the high!!!! These should be coming thru April – June 2009.



  1. dre2003 says:

    Boy you already know Im so ready for these joints… Hot like Fiya!!!

  2. ATX says:

    They got the Fresh Water joints @Finish Line in Parkway Place mall, I saw em Thursday. I may swing by and cop me a pair later on today…still debatin. These is hot though

  3. D. Large says:

    Never been into air max’s, but i’ma have to cop me a pair of dem.

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