I know I know….i’m slacking on the blogs

Posted: March 24, 2009 by teeLARGE in TeeLARGE

What up world!!!! Man you dont understand, its hella hard to get a store off the ground. The process is unbelievable though…you find out so much about yourself. But its not about me, shout out to the homie Dre2003 for keeping me sane and riding with me. Also shout out to a couple new cats really getting it in: D.Goode (www.bigdreamzco.blogspot.com) and my dude C.Lewis. These dudes definitely on the rise, I respect them for they hustle and they passion for the culture.

Painting is 95% complete. I got a little bit to finish up in the morning. I meet with electrician to discuss light fixtures soon and the new carpet comes Thursday. This week is crazy.

New posts and 100% revamped blog coming soon…

top 5 things i havent talked about yet:

1. “space jams” in december???

2. new pics of the “raging bull pack”!!!

3. how i’m rotating between drake’s “so far gone” mixtape and that new cd from “the dream”

4. how my name was not on the list of winners for the “coraline”dunks

5. WALE in Atl this friday…am i going or not?????



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