The big homey “WALE” checks in for KREATIV.SOLE

Posted: March 28, 2009 by teeLARGE in Sneakerhead Videos
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Yeah that’s right…WALE did his thing in Atlanta at “The Loft” last night. Show was crazy!! This video was filmed at “STANDARD-ATL”. They had an instore visit by WALE and of course KREATIV.SOLE was in the house!! Shouts out to DRE2003, C-Lewis, and DGoode (

WALE killed it with the Olive Jordan Retro 9’s!! Then he turned around and busted out the Air Yeezy’s onstage!!!  I was a hater no lie…also shouts out to D.Weis, Wale’s manager. Thats my dude as well. More on the whole night to come soon!!!

  1. adrian says:

    OMFG!!!!!! wale!!! x k.sole! man u got your shit tight b

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