Sitting in line at Walters in ATL….nothing to do but blog!!!!!

Posted: April 3, 2009 by teeLARGE in Uncategorized
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YO what up KREATIV.SOLE fam!!! Me (t-large) and the homey Dre2003 jumped in the ride and dipped over to ATL to jump in the line to get the YEEZY”S! The line is hella confusing…I cant tell you if we 5th, 15th or 35th!!!!!! It’s all good though..we’ll see what happens. Any real sneakerhead has took an “L” before, this might be mine!!! Sidebar..if you reading this and got the connect on a 9.5, holla at me.

Shout out to Young Jeezy, the homey came thru and copped his Yeezy’s, while we was all in line lookin stupid!! He did take some pics, then he did the unthinkable…he gave away a pair to a dude in line!!!!!!!!!!!

okay..hands are getting cold sitting in this lawn chair outside Walters plus if you know where we at then you know the bums is out!!! Shout out to the big homey Bryan L aka (I_PHONE B! ) he been taking the photos and puttin us in route!!! KREATIV.SOLE extended fam!

Here's the view from the front of the line early afternoon today...people lookin confused!
Here’s the view from the front of the line early afternoon today…people lookin confused!Here’s the line at the rear….everybody confused!!This dude (possibly a bum) walked up and was rappin at least 700 bars!! He was everybody face..but he need to kill himself for wearing this outfit!Jeezy cam thru and showed love!!!Shout out to my newest fam…Bryan L and his girl Emma…they here with us and B took all the photos you see!!!!
  1. Bryan L says:

    What’s good?

    Y’all make it back home all good?

    Just checkin’ up, hit me up!

  2. Dre2003 says:

    Yo had a great time at the camp out dont know if im up to it again but much love to everyone who was out there showin love… P.S Yeezys are FIRRREEEE!!!!

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