Here’s my Yeezy story….I really am blessed ya’ll!!

Posted: April 6, 2009 by teeLARGE in TeeLARGE
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Okay so here’s part of my YEEZY story. Me and the homey DRE2003 got to Atlanta around 3pm. We knew from doing our research that Walter’s had somewhere around 35 pair and Supreme had about 10 pair. We heard that the line at Walters was around 20 people deep but there wasnt a line at Supreme yet cause they was being shady. We’ll ya’ll know that I am a master negotiator and deal maker so Dre and I went to Supreme first. We wasnt in there 20 seconds before dude told us they was $300 and up and he emphazsized the “AND UP”. I looked at Dre and gave him the “they on that bullsh#$” face!!! So we threw Supreme the middle finger and we kept it “AND UP”!!!!

We get to Walters and we get out name’s on the list. We number 31 & 32. At this point we trippin like we might not get the Yeezy’s or we will get “a pair ” but not our size. Well if you know me you know that I dont ebay or resell. If it aint a 9.5/9/10 then it aint in my closet..period! I spend the next few minutes trying to decide if its worth it…something tells me it is so I whip out the lawn chair and get ready for 17 hours of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Shout out to everyone in line near me…we had a great time…remember oh dude that was “run walkin!!!”

Okay so a couple hours later after doing the usual campout stuff (arguing about best Jordan ever, best Nike running shoe ever, and of course Biggie vs. Tupac) I see a Escalade and something else pull into the parking lot across from Walters) Two minutes later I see Young Jeezy crossing the street coming right towards us. Afraid to lose their spot, NO SNEAKERHEAD got out of line!! I went ahead and went inside, dapped up Young Jeezy and took a photo with him. He was real cool, he even showed me the Yeezy’s in person while he was trying his pair on. He’s a 9/9.5 as well.

I wasnt trying to be a groupie so I left out and jumped back into my lawn chair. About 20 minutes later Jeeezy and crew leave out with enough kicks to open up a Foot Locker!! Next thing  I know theres a dude that was in line, going crazy cause Jeezy gave him a 9.5!! HE DID WHAT????? That was my pair…JEEZY gave this dude my kicks!!!

The rest of the night went as follows: 1. me being mad about the Jeezy free pair I missed 2. A dude who was way in the back of the line paid $350 to the #13 guy in line to switch spots with him 3. Seeing the dude jump the curb and drive on the sidewalk right in front of the cops who did nothing! 4. Arguing with other heads about kicks that I know good and damn well they don’t own! 5. Me freezing my ass of in the crisp Atlanta air 6. Seeing Dre2003 run thru a case of Bud-Light with no prob!

We get to the morning and Walters opened as promised at 8:30am. The line had gotten outta control and things were pretty chaotic. Jeff tried his best to run a smooth operation. Everyone was pretty respectful of the list, that always make things good. Another dude named Dre dropped out of line but no-one crossed his name off the list so when they called out Dre at the #19 spot…guess who said “thats me” and got his kicks???!!!!??? I was hatin..hard!!!

So they get to my name and then one of the workers comes to Jeff and says “we just sold the last pair” Jeff apologized to me and the crowd then he closed the gate down. Everyone from me and down were looking sad faced!!! I was about to cry 4real!! A few minutes went by and I turned my focus on getting to Gladys Knights Chicken and Waffles as soon as possible. Then the gate goes back up and out comes Jeff, he says ” I have a 9.5 for Travis” and next thing I know I GOT MY YEEZY”S!!!! I dont know how it happened or what happened but I do know that I have mine!!!

pics to come..give me a day or so…bear with me…I’m trying to open a store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Bryan L says:

    Run walkin’ hahahaha

  2. Dre2003 says:

    Dude I almost forgot about the run walkin incident…Pause… that fast… I know I can never forget though… I had an excellent time camping out… Enjoyed everyones respect for one another… Until next time Holla!!!

  3. raychon says:

    Man yall to much for me. But good pickup though.

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