Lebron James….MVP….witness GREATNESS..

Posted: May 4, 2009 by teeLARGE in Random Ish..., SPORTS
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Alot of ball players are this or that….LEBRON IS SIMPLY THE BEST.


Congratulations MVP…this one was easy to call. Not that other guys didnt lead there respective teams or deserve some votes, but LEBRON was focused from the first game of the year. Started all 81 games, averaged 28pts 7reb 7 assists and had 7 triple-doubles this season. 

lebron-james Oh yeah, we forgot to mention is off-court business acumen is at an all time high. I’m not just talking about endorsements either. Lebron is more than a businessman, He’s a BUSINESS MAN. 







CONGRATS…..(we might be looking at the Finals MVP as well…no jinx)



  1. nicholsaccomplished says:

    if kobe and lebron meet in the finals, whoever wins will be considered the best player in the league. If lebron wins the kobe era will be over, and the entire league will be at lebron’s disposal. it wont even be debatable anymore. this is a pivotal point in nba basketaball. you can bet kobe is not going out without a fight!

  2. Mr. Egbe says:


    • t-large says:

      Kobe my ass!! Lebron owns the league! He is officially the face of the NBA. I pray he doesnt do anything stupid on or off the court!

      • Mr. Egbe says:

        Until Lebron get’s 3 then you can compare. Just like they say until Kobe gets 6 then you can compare to MJ. KOBE!!!

  3. THINK says:

    Right. Black athletes need to go back and read the history of players (especially in baseball) who were really slaves. Free Agency in baseball impacted all sports and, thus, made it possible for athletes to get money. Now, if black basketball players, in particular, understood that sports is a business at the end of the day, they would get busy getting money–and most of the long-term money is generated off the court. How many of these players end up broke–a good number of them who can barely speak English? Get smart. One of the things Lebron is talking about is rather than just accepting endorsements, a player should ask for an equity stake in a company. They are giving sneaker endorsements to 13-year olds these days.

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