IT’S ANNOUNCEMENT TIME!!! Kreativ.Sole -online- store is now open for biz!!

Posted: May 11, 2009 by teeLARGE in Online store
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Whats up world!!! KREATIV.SOLE has caught up with the rest of modern technology! Our online store is now up and running. Now, you dont get the same great customer service online but for some people thats a good thing!!! We’ve got most of the store now online..quick turnaround on your shipping and I will email you your tracking number. Shipping is just $4.00 for the first item and it’s only $1.00 for each additional item in your cart. 


Please let your friends and family know we online shopping now! Also send an email to   so I can get you on our weekly email blast. 

P.S. – You still gotta come instore if you wanna chop it up with DRE, JMAINE, C-LEW, BIG DREAMZ CO, OPEN BOX MUSIC GROUP, and everyone else affiliated with the K.S. movement! Oh yeah for the one or two people that come thru to holla at me..T-LARGE…I appreciate you!!


KREATIV.SOLE tees will be here soon!!!!!! Get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Octavius says:

    im on there right now

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