TAKE OFF!!! This is my sh!t right now!!!

Posted: May 13, 2009 by teeLARGE in HIP HOP(I used to love HER), Random Ish...
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Picture you in the club fresh from KREATIV.SOLE + a few drinks in you + a couple bad chicks nearby = You about to “Take Off”!!


Here's a pic you Young Dro and the king...TI

Young Dro does it again! You know him…signed to TI’s Grand Hustle label and I think he still boo’d up with Fantasia. DRO is easily one of the most creative rappers out. Dude is hilarious the way he crafts his bars. Plus the beat is STUUUUPID!! This is his newest cut called “Take Off” if features Young LA (Aint I).  I cant wait for the video!!


Click here to listen: Young Dro Ft. Yung L.a. – “Take Off” 

Here are just a couple of Dro’s lines from this song! 

  1. Sittin up in my lambo, dont make me turn to Rambo! 
  2. “I smoke so much kush I got Amsterdam children”
  3. “I be looking Japanese a ounce of kush a ounce of lean!”
  4.  “I’m a 30 inch rider..you aint even worth it!” 
  5. I’m in my own world trick..we on different earthes!!!!



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