Blackberry 8900 Curve….Now I’m a businessman!!!

Posted: May 14, 2009 by teeLARGE in TeeLARGE
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blackberry-8900-o2Yep that’s right folks…TLARGE is getting that new hotness!! I was tired of getting joked on by friends who said my Blackberry Pearl made me look like a pretend businessman!!! Supposedly its like this: 

The pearl is for those people that dont take business seriously. The I-phone is for those who like to play around, but the Blackberry Curve is for those that are serious about business. I’m trying to be a success story so yep…I decided to fit in with the Jones’!!!


Shout out to T-MOBILE for giving me the deal of a lifetime! By that I mean when my contract ends I will probably be dead!!



Kreativ.Sole Online SHOP HERE

  1. V.I.P says:

    how mush dose it cost the blackberry 8900 curve

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