Posted: May 15, 2009 by teeLARGE in HIP HOP(I used to love HER)
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I know you aint think that KREATIV.SOLE is just kicks&wear??!!?? This is a movement baby!!!! The fam D.GOODZ paid a visit to Huntsville’s “hit factory” OPEN BOX Music Group to record some bangers for his upcoming “still to be named” mixtape. 

The song is titled..“Spotlight”…beat courtesy of Mr. Enkredible. listen to the words ya’ll…D.GOODZ really went in on this track. I’m proud of the fam…he’s definitely headed in the right direction. Plus he got ATX (twitter.com/openboxmusic) and Kid Kordz (twitter.com/kidkordz) behind him so he can’t lose!!!

…oh yeah peep the the KREATIV.SOLE flyer in the studio!!!! It aint a game!!!

peace..          click here for KREATIV.SOLE ONLINE STORE



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