Posted: June 9, 2009 by teeLARGE in SOLE COLLECTOR

Every person that comes in the store knows how much we love sneakers. Its pretty much all we talk about! With that being said, we’ve got what some would call the Sneakerheads Bible “SOLE COLLECTOR”. This is a huge look for KREATIV.SOLE cause here in Huntsville, finding a SOLE COLLECTOR used to be like playing where’s waldo!!! 

In this issue EMINEM graces the cover talking about his music and of course some of his favorite kicks in his closet. There are some other truly great articles you need to read!!!

DSC00919pics courtesy of GOT SOLE?

COPIES ARE LIMITED…make sure you call or come by the shop to get yours! 

256-489-5016  (phone orders are accepted)

  1. raychon says:

    get a subscription and you don’t have to worry about it..

  2. tlarge says:

    Raychon if you come to kreativ.sole, you don’t need a subscription! We got your copy right now at the shop…

  3. raychon says:

    If solecollector don’t send my magazine any time this week , ill be up there!

  4. TidentKicks says:

    WOW! This cover looks fire!

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