TL from Kreativ.SOLE makes it on MAYOR TV!!

Posted: July 6, 2009 by teeLARGE in Kreativ.Sole Store Videos, Out Kicking It..., Random Ish..., SAY NO TO FAKES
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Yo..If u dont know who MAYOR is here’s a quick lesson. He’s a major sneakerhead from NY. He’s loves kicks just like you and I. Regular round the way dude…with a sick ass collection of AF1’s!!! He’s official….trust me!! He came down to ATL for SneakerFriends 09 and I got a chance to kick it with him!

Watch the whole video..but u can catch me at 13:28!!!



256-489-5016 store phone!

904 BOB WALLACE AVENUE #201 / Huntsville, AL 35801

  1. Marcus "Blink" Welch says:

    What up Kreative Sole, thanks for posting the video to ya site…Kick Stand will continue to produce dope media content. Holla @us if u need our services!

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