Green Room I hope u ready!!! We coming to party!!!

Posted: July 28, 2009 by teeLARGE in Random Ish...
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By know you already know how the KREATIV.SOLE fam gets down when we in da club. We ownin the dance floor, we drankin good and we kickin it 4 real! Well what happens when one of our biggest supporters and fam decides to have part 1 of his birthday bash with us???? ITS ABOUT TO BE STOOOOPID!!!!

Wednesday night meet us in the Green Room for the homie Ghon Bomb’s (john bomb) birthday bash pt. 1!!! You know him from DJ’n all the dopest parties in Huntsville with his homie..Chief Rocka. Bomb might step out da booth for a sec to kill it on the dance floor but trust this will be the livest party u ever been to!!!

holla at me when u there….mention you was on the blog and you drinkin on us!!!!!

oh yeah….part 2 at Club Celebrities Thursday night!!!!



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