U at the site…next up is coming to the shop!!!!

Posted: July 29, 2009 by teeLARGE in Uncategorized

If this is your first time clicking on the site WHADDUP!!!!!

KREATIV.SOLE is a streetwear shop here in Huntsville, AL !! A group of us took a look to the left and only saw Miskeen and Coogi. We looked to the right and only saw LRG, Rocawear, and Sean John. So we said DAMN!! Its so many other brands out there that aint in Huntsville yet….brands we been rockin that aint nobody up on yet in this town…so we opened up a shop WITH THOSE NEW BRANDS!!!!! Its really that simple!!

So if you ready for some new sh#% …some sh#% everybody aint already on….Huntsville holla at us….

904 BOB WALLACE AVENUE..Suite 201 Hsv, AL 35801


Open everyday except Sunday…11a-8pm.

outside store



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