TeeLarge 28th Birthday Roll Call….

Posted: August 5, 2009 by teeLARGE in Random Ish...

Heavenly Father you’ve allowed me to see my 28th year…Thank you…Amen.

TEE LARGE 28 yrs!!!!

TEE LARGE 28 yrs!!!!

I’m only as strong as my team around me so with that being said let me shouts some people out!!!!

My Kids!!: Lailah, Maya, Tyler (daddy loves all 3 of u!!)

My Parents: I love you both and I’m just trying to make you proud.

My siblings: Eazy, Traci, Devin, Tonnie, Todd

KREATIV.SOLE FAM: Dre2003, FredtheCool, Dev, ATX, Dgoodz, Jmaine, C-Lew,

My Mentors: Uncle Anthony, my big bro Todd, Matt @ Corporate Cinci , Mike @ Got Sole? Indy

My boys: Mario, PStone, Marvin, Crim, Chief, Ghon

Brand reps I gets it in with!! Rashad, Matt, Edan, Ease, Jeremy, Sherman,  Ryan, Jamie, Nudy, Justin,

So many other ppl deserve a shout…I love you all!!!

Last but not least!!!!!   Cece…your so much more than my wife…thank you for everything…I’m nothing without you.

see u nxt yr!

TeeLarge    kreativ.sole@gmail.com    twitter.com/kreativsole

  1. J lee says:

    happy b-day trav u getting old fam!

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