Whaddup Wednesdays #19

Posted: August 26, 2009 by teeLARGE in Uncategorized

Whaddup Wednesday to all my STANDOUTS!!!!

KREATIV.SOLE, still standing, still strong!!! How’s every1’s week been? Whaddup to all the new fam on our email list….

So I (teeLARGE) was thinking about how I could jazz up the blog and came up with a pretty good idea. We will be doing a new segment on the blog (www.kreativsole.com) called “I SPY FRIDAY!!” basically how it works is: Email us any pics of you chillin in some KREATIV.SOLE gear and your pics will be posted up every Friday @ 12noon. To be included in “I SPY FRIDAY” your pictures must be sent in by 10pm on Wednesdays. Please make sure the pics are “decent”…u know what I mean!!!

Some of you may have noticed the change in store hours..Please bare with us…we aint going nowhere we promise!! Our new hours are Mon-Thurs 5-9pm / Fri: 2-9 / Sat: 11-8. These are the set hours but always call or email the shop cause we may be in here earlier 256-489-5016 / kreativ.sole@gmail.com

3LinesheetHORSEcopyLes-b-honesss!!!! This tee by Breezy Excursion was supposed to drop @KREATIV.SOLE a few weeks ago but we held off..so..drumroll please………U need to be here this Saturday 11am for the “Nothing But Net” release! We only have a limited amount of these so dont oversleep!!! Sizes M-3XL


1. ESPN just dropped a Jordan Hall of Fame tribute magazine…if u aint got it…go get it

2. “The Station” at Bridgestreet REALLY NEEDS A DJ!!! they killin me with the bands!!

3. D.GOODZ mixtape is still bangin here in the store…ya’ll need to download it! http://kreativsole.com/2009/08/20/d-goodz-bigger-dreamz/

4. Is NIKE the only company that has no idea we in a recession???

5. I promise the tv will be up here by the time football starts and we will be watching all the games!!!

peace ya’ll..remember to send those pics 2 (kreativ.sole@gmail.com)



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