Whaddup Wednesday..(isn’t today Thursday?)

Posted: September 3, 2009 by teeLARGE in 10Deep


So WHADDUP WEDNESDAY is hitting your email box on a Thursday huh?? Imma go ahead an apologize right of the top!!! Alot was going on yesterday…no excuses…

Ok so now we got that outta the way!!!! First up is that KREATIV.SOLE is a nominee for #1 Streetwear Shop in the South by SEA Awards. Please VOTE / PLEASE VOTE / PLEASE VOTE

go to: http://kreativsole.com/2009/08/31/go-vote-kreativ-sole-right-now/

online pics 047 online pics 048

Today we picked up a couple new pieces from 10.DEEP. We moving into the Fall so its only right the crewneck sweaters pop off. I attached the pic of the Crewneck to the email. This joint is so crazy!!! The quality on it is unbelievable. Make sure you come cop your asap cause these wont last long!! We got some new tees from them in too and dont sleep cause those will fly outta here too.

We been screaming CROOKS N CASTLES for awhile now and it aint showed up yet!! This really aint our fault. The official KREATIV.SOLE x CROOKS release info will be out soon…BE READY!!!


1. College Football begins tonight!!!! I’m ready!!

2. Jay-Z ….unbelievable…i’m tryin not to listen to it but DAMN!!

3. Somebody gotta get these kids away from Bridge Street at night…I cant even walk with my lady!!

4. We not bullsh****g when we say we workin on getting kicks in here…its just a process ya’ll, simple as that.

5. We getting alot of new traffic in KS. No disrespect to our “old heads” but seeing new blood means progress.

Short and simple this week…see ya’ll in here…

teeLARGE      256-489-5016 store


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