So…do you do any modeling…?!?!?

Posted: September 10, 2009 by teeLARGE in Random Ish..., TeeLARGE
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HA!! Damn I played myself soooo hard last nite!!! Let me give ya’ll the run down:

We in the club last nite (9.9.09) for the DJ DRAMA party and its a suuuuuper bad chic sittin on a stool onstage next to Drama’s security. Damn near every dude in the room was checkin for her. While Drama is killin the turntables, next thing I see is a OLD boppin ass chic in a outfit the woulda been sexy IN DA 80’s come onstage. She looked a hot mess and she had the toes hanging off the edge of her heels (my pet peeve). Me being observant i’m like “yo i know the fine chic finna twitter about this old hag”! I didnt know the fine chic twitter name so I type some shit on mine and walk over to the stage and get her attention. I said “yo i know u on twitter right now and i bet we was thinking/saying the same thing!!” She grabbed my phone, read my tweet, starting rollin laughin and brought me onstage!!

teeLARGE from @kreativsole and model Summer Walker (@summerwalker)

teeLARGE from @kreativsole and model Summer Walker (@summerwalker)

I had no clue who she was…I just knew she was insanely attractive and cool as hell. She kinda remind me of the girl next door…fine but really cool as shit to where you would wanna hang with her rather than date!!

Eventually I jump offstage to dap up my crew who saw me having casual convo and laughing with the baddest chic in da room..(BY FAR) then they told me who she was SUMMER WALKER and all the video’s/modeling she’s been in like:

Ying Yang Twins featuring Mike Jones “Badd”

David Banner “Play”

XXL Magazine 2005 August ANNIVERSARY Issue “Layout”

Kanye West “Gold Digger”

Smitty “Diamonds on my Neck”

Nelly “Derrty Grillz”

Trillville (Brand New)

Capone feat JD “I’m Hot”

Lil Jon “Snap Ya Fingaz”

holla at her on twitter @summerwalker

holla at her on twitter @summerwalker

I felt stuuuuupid that I didnt know her…but its all good shit I aint perfect!! For the record she is hella cool and fellas she is DRAMA’s girl..+she’s my homegirl!!

Lastly I get home last nite and jump in da bed, give CECE a kiss and say “babe u my Summer Walker” she said “who” …I said “nevermind!!! Go back 2 sleep!!!!”


holla at me: OR twitter@kreativsole

  1. LaMont says:

    Summer Walker is sexy as hell! I’ve seen her in so many music videos and magazine I would really like to meet her.I wish she would do more music videos,I haven’t seen her in a video in a good minute.

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