What we on right now…..

Posted: September 16, 2009 by teeLARGE in HIP HOP(I used to love HER)
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The instore KREATIV.SOLE fam (teeLARGE, Dre2003, FredtheCooL) have decided 200% that “ALREADY HOME” by Jay-Z (featuring Kid Cudi) is definitely the theme song right now for the movement!!!

“But really the fact is, we not in the same bracket
Not in the same league, don’t shoot at the same baskets
Don’t pay the same taxes, dont hang with the same bitches
So how am i in the way, what is it i’m missing?
Ni&&a i been missing, ni&&a i been gone
The shit that you just witnessed is the shit that i been on
And as for the critics, tell me i don’t get it
Everybody can tell you how to do it, but they never did it”

–teeLARGE  kreativ.sole@gmail.com   twitter.com/kreativsole


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