Limited Edition KREATIV.SOLE crewneck…(SPACE JAM colorway)

Posted: December 17, 2009 by teeLARGE in Fresh Clothes Too!, KreativSOLE CLOSET, Online store
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GET YOURS NOW!!! You already getting the kicks when they drop 12/23/09!!! Why not get the dopest crewneck to EVER hit the free world!!!! This is NOT a long sleeve tee, IT IS A CREW SWEATSHIRT (waaaaay more fresher!!)  BUY HERE

Buy online for $42 including free shipping, or buy for $36 instore!!  BUY HERE

904 Bob Wallace Ave #201, Huntsville AL 35801

256-489-5016     or

BUY YOUR K.S. Crew Sweatshirt HERE BUY HERE!!!!!


Hello its the Martian, SPACE JAM JORDANS!!!!


  1. Adrian says:

    get paid friday im on it

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