1st shipment of ROCKSMITH arrives in KREATIV.SOLE

Posted: December 28, 2009 by teeLARGE in Fresh Clothes Too!, Rocksmith
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As promised, we gonna really try to do the damn thing in K.S. going into 2010. You all have supported us so far so we gonna really push this movement. Here is our first shipment of ROCKSMITH. Sizing is limited on these so make sure your get here quick so u dont miss out!

If you got a pair of Jordan 3's in your closet, this is a no brainer.

Here's a take on the classic "A Bathing Ape" tshirt. This time ROCKSMITH reps for Brooklyn

I'd rather have Old Money but at this point, NEW MONEY aint bad either!

This is my favorite piece out the collection. The detail on this jacket is stupid!! The stitching and tags and quality is perfect !

NOTORIOUS.... enough said.

We’ll see you in the shop…trust me, this ROCKSMITH is gonna be huge in KREATIV.SOLE ! Call 256-489-5016 for details or hit us up (kreativ.sole@gmail.com) (twitter: @kreativsole)


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