NateB and MAFIA Musik….

Posted: January 10, 2010 by teeLARGE in Celebs in KREATIV.SOLE gear!, Out Kicking It..., Random Ish...
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Imma throw a quick shoutout to my homie and a big supporter of KREATIV.SOLE —-> NATE.B. He’s from Huntsville, is about to finish up at Alabama A&M and here lately him and his crew “MAFIA Musik” have been grinding hard to set his rap career on fire!

Nate.B has already dropped a mixtape “The Kampaign” in fall 2009 and he’s in the studio right now prepping for mixtape 2 appropriately titled “Debate Team”. What I respect the most about Nate.B and Mafia Musik is that they are truly a movement. There are local rappers everywhere but this team moves as a unit and your only as strong as the team you surround yourself with.

Nate.B rock the crowd at a show wearing the 10.DEEP "We Don't Play"

MAFIA Musik posted up in VIP at the club like usual! They dont never let me in though!! Whaddup Kirjhe, JessDiego, EnViUs, NateB, and my homie YungCEO

When the new mixtape drops fall thru KREATIV.SOLE to pick up your copy!! Hit NateB up on twitter (@natebmafia)


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