KS & MAYOR ” 1cent “Copper Crew

Posted: January 24, 2010 by teeLARGE in KreativSOLE CLOSET
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MAYOR, teelarge from KS, an check out the homie Matt from CORPORATE in the back (red fitted)!!!

HERE IT IS!!!! The fam over here at KREATIV.SOLE got together with MAYOR sneakerhead/sneakerguru/ATF member on a collab for one of the flyest shoes to hit stores in 2010.

By now you’ve seen our creweck sweaters featured on websites like THESHOEGAME but now get ready for the new!!!!


Crew goes onsale midnight Sunday Night 1-24-2010! Get yours by clicking HERE!!!! Even if you not getting the kicks, you dont wanna miss out on this limited edition collab shirt!!!! SNEAKERHEADS STAND UP!!!


1cent patch on the right shoulder..

STITCHED/EMBROIDERED into the right sleeve about the cuff line.



—posted by TEELARGE !!!!!

  1. John B says:

    oh shit man dreams to come true! ah man i gotta get one of those for sure! yo man good looks on the red and black bro i really appreciate that play clothes tee to man thats really awesome of you man. thanks again! man do u have any info on which stores will get the coppers? im coppin this crew anyway but i gotta have those coppers man. my store sport seasons in nashville isnt gettin them and i havent had a chance to call nike yet. just got a tooth pulled so they probably couldnt understand me! lol! but yo man i really do appreciate the hook up dawg that means alot. and man the new logo is SICK!!! i luv it. have a good one homie! peace!

  2. teeLARGE says:

    bro i’m just glad you have been supporting KS. What u got going on this fri? we’re gonna be up there at PhatKaps for The Clipse event.. you need to fall thru, should be pretty dope!

    • John B says:

      in hickory hollow mall? i aint even know they was still open. i been hearin that mall was gonna shut down. what time is it goin down? ill get off at 4 that sounds cool

      • teeLARGE says:

        NO!!!!!!!!! dude you missing out! PK moved to a new location a couple years ago! the setup over there is crazy! its right up the street from hickory hollow though…

        yeah we gotta get together on friday…. we”ll plan it out in the next day or so…

  3. John B says:

    ah cool man i didnt even know they moved it. shows how much i get out that way these days. man i remember that was my fav mall back when. its all good tho im def gonna come holla at ya if possible. i hear its gonna snow thurs and fri up this way but who really knows til it happens. ill have to break out the new ks crew and them 6s! too sharp!

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