DOPE COUTURE…back in the shop!!

Posted: January 25, 2010 by teeLARGE in Dope Couture, Fresh Clothes Too!
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It’s been awhile since the good people over at DOPE COUTURE had their product in KS. You can blame it on me…but they’re back now and we getting it in real official now!!

Look for the items below to be instore at KREATIV.SOLE to get you fresh this weekend!!!

LOGO Hoodie... all black everything!!

Only the flyest of the fly can rock with this one!!!

"THIEVES" ..this one so DOPE you might try to steal it!!

You know imma get my Kanye on with this right here!!

—-WHOOOOOOOO!!!! This some heat right here and this aint even all of the shipment!!!!…. DOPE COUTURE is back and we welcome them… lets get it!!

—posted by teelarge


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