Look who’s rocking with us NOW!!!

Posted: January 31, 2010 by teeLARGE in Celebs in KREATIV.SOLE gear!, KreativSOLE CLOSET
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Happy Sunday people!!! Here’s a quick photo my homeboy Jason aka “Jaye_D” took to show love!!! Jaye is probably my oldest homeboy on earth. He and I go back to the 4th grade…you ever meet him ask him about the summer of ’97 we rode around in his mom’s Ford Contour bumping B.I.G’s NOTORIOUS THUGS for A WHOLE DAMN SUMMER!!! Jaye had a mean hoop game …while I was busy tryna wear headbands, wristbands and XXXXL Jordan shorts, my boy would just get out there and go to work!

JAYE cmon homie you rocking the KS Crew.... you gotta relax!!!

‘PRECIATE u sir!!

–post by teelarge aka “If u print it, they will wear it


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