The Reup….G-SHOCK!

Posted: January 31, 2010 by teeLARGE in Fresh Clothes Too!, G-Shock
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TUESDAY…. we’ll have these four G-Shocks, plus a few more (cant show you everything!!!)

–posted by teelarge aka “Mr. Watch me do it!!”

  1. John B says:

    how much is that red one man? did yall make it up to nashville on friday? i been stuck at my house since friday about noon. we got like 7 inches of snow! it sucks! i dont even know if i can make it to work tomorrow.

    • teeLARGE says:

      Daaaamn 7 inches of snow!!!! I’ll pass on that one. Bro we went to phatkaps an the weather super sucked!!! It was a cold hell. The only good thing is that we stayed in the same hotel as The Clipse so we kicked it in the lobby with them.

      The red G is 110. Free shipping on it so let me know. Did you ever figure out where to get the moto 6’s or copper’s? Call athlete’s foot..the one right down the street from Fisk. They might get them in.

      • John B says:

        yeah man its been bad. i still havent made it out to go back to work yet. i got a big ass hill on both sides of my road and its a solid sheet of ice. hopefully it will melt off today so i can get back. sittin in this house bout to drive ya boy crazy! i had to walk to the damn beer store yesterday! lol. had to have some more if i was gonna be stuck.

        i havent figured it out just yet. my times runnin short tho so i need to get on the ball and find where them coppers gonna be. ima have to pass on the motorsports tho for right now. gotta get my girl those v-day air max 97 for her v-day present so i had to choose and i chose the coppers. if the resellers dont jack them up too much ill get them at a later date. its really gonna surprise me if more than one or two stores around here even get them. then the eggplants in march? damn! this kids feet gonna be ready for spring and summer tho!

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