Posted: February 7, 2010 by teeLARGE in Random Ish...

Kickoff is at 5:38pm. We’re gonna be at Beauregards on Airport Road. Come kick it with the Kreativ.Sole fam..

Go Colts..

  1. John B says:

    who dat say they gon beat them saints? Hot damn WE DO!!!! GO COLTS!!!!! Time for the perfect seasons in football. got the sec, national, afc, now we got one more to go and we perfect!

  2. John B says:

    no doubt bro! all these folks talkin bout we gonna lose tonight….man whatever! we got this!

    man the magic doesnt happen to be ur fav nba team does it? or the redwings in hockey? that would be scary crazy!

  3. John B. says:

    well we screwed that up and of all people to lose the game for us, it had to be peyton. oh well theres always next year. what better of a team to lose to though? they really deserved it for the team and the city of new orleans.

    • teeLARGE says:

      yeah man it was a tough loss.. i have on my colts hoodie right now still sad. it was like they were supposed to win.. so many good breaks.. unbelievable

      • John B. says:

        i know man it is tough. we had that game and just gave it away. it still almost seems like it was a dream and hasnt really happened yet. i guess thats what budweiser does to ur brain! lol. we’ll be back next year though so its all good.

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