LUDACRIS rocking with Kreativ.Sole!!!!

Posted: February 14, 2010 by teeLARGE in KreativSOLE CLOSET, Out Kicking It..., Random Ish...

YO!!!! Here’s a few pics from All-Star weekend in Dallas! Your eyes aren’t decieving you, that’s Ludacris wearing the  KREATIV.SOLE crew!!! 2010 is all about growth and progress people….

  1. john says:

    big time shit fam… i am happy for you!!

  2. DeeGoodz says:

    good shit…now wheres mine? lol

  3. Phil says:

    Ha! I remember what we discussed about this logo. Many will wonder what the “KS” stands for, but I hope those that do know will beat a path to your doorstep to cop!

    Much sucess to you sir!

  4. Beanie says:

    Doing it big! I bet when Wayne get out of jail, he comes out wearing KS!

  5. Jacob says:

    what i tell you man, you on your way!

  6. Jay Lee says:

    I see you fam!……passion+hardwork=success….much love

  7. esteeminatti says:

    that’s some product placement for dat azz! Good shit, fam! Big tings gwan in TwentyTEN!

  8. daddywarbuckz says:


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