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Here are the first actual pics of the PLAYCLOTHS x G-SHOCK collab. They tease you on this one cause they are not showing the front. (pause) These will be in the shop soon… and will sell out even faster! Remember I tried to get you to prepay!!

Fresh-Cool-Dope hits Miami!!!

Posted: March 29, 2010 by teeLARGE in Random Ish...

Here’s a quick look as the homies JMillz from FRESH-COOL-DOPE, RyanGotSkulls, and Kreativ.Sole intern K.Tims takeover Miami during their Spring Break 2010. Supposedly there is a x-rated film that will never see the light of’s the first of two G-rated looks at the trip!

Hit these guys up on twitter:  @j_millz77   @ktims510  @ryangotskulls

WOW.. she is suuuuuuper beautiful. If you dont know Joy Bryant from her acting roles make sure you google her RIGHT NOW!! She’s on the cover of THE HUNDREDS Spring 2010 magazine. If you dont know by know…we carry THE HUNDREDS in KREATIV.SOLE…..but the bad part is that its impossible to get the magazine out this way. Im working on it for everyone. If you come thru the shop I know you’ve seen the Fall 2009 mag that we have. This new issue should be arriving in the shop soon. I’ll probly rip the pics of Joy out though and keep em for myself!!!  Also scroll down, I got a question for everyone…


On another note… what does everyone think about these glasses by THE HUNDREDS ? Should we carry em in the shop? I love em but I wanna know what you think…Leave a comment letting me know what move we should make…



Snoop got hella video’s out right now. While nothing may ever top “Gin and Juice” or “Beautiful” this vid is a great look, especially for streetwear heads. Check the 1:48 mark, the DJ is wearing a MISHKA tee that we carried in the shop forever!! I think we might still have 1 left.


            “I used to cop Rob Base /  turn it into E-Z Rock / just to stay Doug E. Fresh / all the stuff that ‘Yeezy rock! “


Man that was one lame-o way to borrow a Jay-Z lyric huh!! Its 5am so work with me!! Honestly I am a little Spiz’iked out with all the different colorways. But as soon as you say “man im finna chill out on those”… here comes a dope colorway. This “Grape 5 ” pair are stuuuupid, while the other two arent bad either… thanks to   and  for the pics..

Retro Jordan 5 "Grape" inspired. release - APRIL 17th May 8th


June 5th

Whaddup everyone! I (teelarge) made it safely to Indianapolis. Im here spending a lil time with my 5yr old daughter on her birthday. In between Chuck Cheese, eating cake and jumping in the MoonBounce with a bunch of kids there will of course be time to hit up GOT SOLE? and DOPE COUTURE!!! Two of my favorite boutiques (our own not included!!)

Dont use me not being in town as a reason NOT to stop by KREATIV.SOLE this weekend!!! Tims and Dre will both be in the shop kicking it all weekend. As a matter of fact PLEASE fall thru cause with Tims running the shop aint no telling what kinda foolishness is gonna go down.

If you havent picked up any of the new gear by THE HUNDREDS your an idiot… plain an simple. Too dope to miss out on and a great look for the shop. Speaking of “too dope” we just picked up a few more pieces from DOPE COUTURE including a spring-weather hoodie that is insane!!!! Make sure you grab one of those too.

I’ll be back in the shop on Monday…rumor has it there will be some new gear including FINALLY the missing box of Bonafide Icon “Penny Pincher” tees!!!