Sneakerhead ? of the day….

Posted: March 5, 2010 by teeLARGE in Uncategorized
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I may not do this everyday but we’ll see where it goes:

Whats a dope pair of kicks that you could of had in your collection but passed on and now regret it? Mine are the Olive Retro 5’s…stupidly dope shoe …that i dont have..

Leave a comment so we can all mourn shoes we dont have!

I NEED THIS SHOE IN A 9 or 9.5 !!!!

  1. mobstar251 says:

    i would have to say space jams! fuck how did i miss out on that shoe…..but i just made it up with griffeys,copper and eggplant foams! šŸ™‚

  2. J.Hunter says:

    I’m still regretting missing out on the Royal 1/2 cents. I doubt that they re-release a hybrid. So I messed up!!

  3. J.Hunter says:

    By the way, keep checking They have a size 8.5 in those Olive 5’s right now, they may get some more sizes in.

  4. d.lo30 says:

    the eggplant foams..shouldve got up and got em,but was stuck doing an essay!

  5. raychon says:

    I’m not mourning that shoe. I got that in collect.

    AM90 DQM Bacons.

  6. varsity718 says:

    yo i have these ina 10 i think…for sale too and they fresh

  7. kjthegreat says:

    um…i’m going to say the olive Jordan 9s and i’m not even a Jordan fan.

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