I promise just last week I told Dre (while he was playing Call of Duty) that the Flint 13’s should come back out…and WHAM!!! here they are.. This is a December 2010 release. JB has now overloaded the holiday season. Props to my homie J.Bry for the heads up. Click below to see whats all supposed to drop this holiday season..

"Cool Grey" 11's... This is confirmed for holiday, probably the day after thanksgiving.

these are confirmed Holiday season.. probably 2nd weekend of December

These are NOT confirmed!!! they are rumored for December 24th.... we'll see!

Get your money up!!

  1. John B. says:

    man i cant wait for these 2 13’s to drop! gotta have em both. no 13s in the collection gotta step my game up with these

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