MAY 1st 2010…Guess where we’ll be!!!

Posted: March 23, 2010 by teeLARGE in Kreativ.Sole Store Videos, Out Kicking It..., Random Ish..., Sneakerhead Videos
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SNEAKERFRIENDS ATL 2010 here we come!!! This year’s event is guaranteed to be the best yet. The whole KS fam is headed out there. Plus Jermaine Clark aka “Maine” (the same guy who did the artwork inside KS) will be doing a sneaker portrait live at the event. There are so many big time names in the sneaker community that will be in attendance but instead of me telling you… why dont you let Lil Dez, Kobe and Lebron tell you…

If you wanna roll holla at TeeLarge asap. We leaving here early that morning and coming back sometime Sunday.

  1. entreels says:

    damn it man, i wish we were down in atl for this

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