Joy Bryant covers THE HUNDREDS magazine…

Posted: March 26, 2010 by teeLARGE in Fresh Clothes Too!, Random Ish..., The Hundreds
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WOW.. she is suuuuuuper beautiful. If you dont know Joy Bryant from her acting roles make sure you google her RIGHT NOW!! She’s on the cover of THE HUNDREDS Spring 2010 magazine. If you dont know by know…we carry THE HUNDREDS in KREATIV.SOLE…..but the bad part is that its impossible to get the magazine out this way. Im working on it for everyone. If you come thru the shop I know you’ve seen the Fall 2009 mag that we have. This new issue should be arriving in the shop soon. I’ll probly rip the pics of Joy out though and keep em for myself!!!  Also scroll down, I got a question for everyone…


On another note… what does everyone think about these glasses by THE HUNDREDS ? Should we carry em in the shop? I love em but I wanna know what you think…Leave a comment letting me know what move we should make…




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