Who nicknamed these cough drop??

Posted: May 12, 2010 by teeLARGE in TALKIN BOUT SNEAKERS!
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Thats a ridiculous nickname for these Black/Red Foamposites!! But I guess all sneakers have to have some sort of nickname right??? Nevertheless these are extremely DOPENESS!!! The fact that they now have the translucent red versus the original non see thru red make the shoe complete! Word is that these are a mid-June release and there is already some heat coming out in June. The SWOOSH doesnt care… they plan on killin my wallet!

June 19th... get your money up! Its gonna be a hot summer!

  1. John B. says:

    yeah too much heat comin and these are no exception. these are a must have for me too man. havent talked to ya in a couple weeks, everything goin good for ya homie?

    • teeLARGE says:

      Yeah bro! Im doing decent man just trying to push forward. Summer is fast up on us so I am just trying to get ready for it. How’s things with u?

      • John B. says:

        everything is pretty cool right now man. i cant complain. well i guess i could but nobody would listen lol. just tryin to keep my money straight for all these releases comin up. other than that its the same ole routine. u got in any more g-shocks? im officially addicted to them now. i try to wear black red or white all the time so i can rock that playclothes one i got from ya. even got a terrible tan line from it lol!

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