Nate B. “I in Team” video shot in KREATIV.SOLE

Posted: September 10, 2010 by teeLARGE in HIP HOP(I used to love HER), Kreativ.Sole Store Videos
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Shoutout to the homie NateB, he and his crew are regulars in the shop, they been down since day 1. So much so that Nate hit us up wanting to shoot a video for his crazy record ” I in Team” right here in the KREATIV.SOLE. Crazy amount of cameo’s in the vid. Brandon aka (@countryboy256) KS intern Tims aka @ktims510 and the homie Joey P aka (@iamjoeyp)..and oh yeah..i’m in there too!

Filmed by J.Millz from

@natebmafia    @iamjoeyp   @kreativsole  @j_millz77


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