The boys are baaaaaack!!! Your favorite crewneck’s favorite crew!!

Pre-pay starts today. S – 4XL $40 11/10/2010 – 11/17/2010 . Crew drops instore on 11-22-2010. If u pre-pay but wont be intown when they drop..we can ship to you.  256-489-5016 phone orders or reserve online HERE

**The pic you see below is the computer version…we are not putting out the actual pics just yet…but trust us…its FIRE!!!!!!**



Front: Crew is Charcoal Grey, KS is Flint Blue, Rocket is metallic silver,
Flame is Lime Green (same as hologram) fading to Flint Blue.
KS is embroidered in the right sleeve in Flint Blue

BACK: Our slogan  “KRE8 UR OWN FRESH” is in FLINT fading into Lime Green to match the hologram.

*KRE8 UR OWN FRESH is our way of saying BE YOU. U define whats fresh, fly, dope etc… we just hope u choose to get fresh in here!!!

**This crewneck is limited to 50 worldwide. **

Thanks to you we have have over 500 names on our store email list, 1000+ twitter followers and 1000+ facebook friends so this is a GUARANTEED SELL-OUT !!!

Thanks to everyone who picked up the Space Jam, BRED, and/or Copper colorways from last year!!!!


Preciate the homie Ludacris for rocking the one we dropped last year!!!

  1. shayla says:

    tee need a shirt s or m

  2. Chief Rocka says:

    Hey, you owe me! lol

  3. Dee says:

    will you guys be posting new sizes in the flint colorway sweater?? i need that! L or xl please thats FIRE

    • teeLARGE says:

      yo! preciate the support fam! make sure you stay in contact with us…. we are completely sold out of the flint KS crew… but will be dropping a new colorway soon… stay tuned!

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