KS fam took over THE HORSE for the Travis Porter show!!

Posted: November 21, 2010 by teeLARGE in Out Kicking It..., Random Ish...

Drake said it best: "We dont need new members, to me the click is FULL!! "

Let me set the scene for yall…. TRAVIS PORTER in Huntsville….courtesy of @WHYENVIUS & @THESWANNCOMPANY

VIP onstage in the packed club!!! …Few pretty ladies nearby….. the homies @djDreSmoove an @djDonJr on the 1’s & 2’s..whole click had new sneakers on….  KREATIV.SOLE enjoying the life…

Shoutout to the lovely @nickeemouse (left) and @hawttoddy (right) who kept us company in VIP!!!

These two dudes had the club on SMASH!!! KS intern @ifitch101 shocked me!!! & @irocfof

Fresh from South Beach @timswhenitscold chillin with the ladies!! Look at Tims shirt..can u guess what kicks he had on?


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