Wear It Wednesday!! 12/1/10

Posted: December 1, 2010 by teeLARGE in Wear It Wednesday!!!

New KREATIV.SOLE feature!! Every Wednesday were gonna post pics of our customers and fam rocking KS gear!! If you wanna make it on here send pics to ” kreativ.sole@gmail.com ” ..CLICK HERE to see past Wear It Wednesday posts!


My homie Sazuan is a regular is KS..even though he gets mad when we dont have no HEAT in a 2X or 3X !!! Sazuan reps Detroit all day an is a real talented producer/song writer. Like I said..he’s fam and that is deeper than just spending money in KS! Dude truly believes in us an it means alot having him on the team!

PlayCloths zip hoody, Black/Lime G-shock, GoodWood Jesus & Pharoah all bought at KREATIV.SOLE




Jacob is also a major member of the KS fraternity!!! He’s also one wild mutha%$#$%^ !!!! I was all over his facebook page tryna decide which pic to throw on here of him wearing a THE HUNDREDS snapback fresh outta KREATIV.SOLE. He’s got like 100 pics reppin us!

Annnnnd you know I had to sneak in somebody rocking a KREATIVSOLE shirt! My boys Mike (left) and Marcus (right) both rocking a KREATIV.SOLE instore shirt! Mike’s has the “KRE8 UR OWN FRESH” shirt and Marcus is wearing the Blk/Red KS logo tee ! Preciate both of you…

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